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Information and Instructional Technology

The Technology Department oversees all aspects relating to technology in the District, including computers, software, networking, and planning. The Information Technology side handles "hard work" and networking issues while the Instructional Technology side address software needs, particular those for teachers and students - although due to the nature of the continual changes in technology, duties may overlap. The directors work together with the superintendent to deliver technology services to Union Public Schools.

The department manages the IT Solution Center, which answers employee computers questions and remedies problems either in person or through remote network connections. The department also works closely with the Communications Department to maintain the web site. 


Technology staff includes district level staff, the IT Solution Center staff and site computer technicians who support the individual school sites.


Union’s LAN (Local Area Network) runs on 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet connections. Union’s 100 MB point to point WAN (Wide Area Network) connects each school site with a Microwave system with the exception of McAuliffe Elementary, Grove Elementary and the Alternative School, which are connected by direct fiber to another school and then to the WAN. 


Union provides the latest models of Dell computers for the teacher, staff and student use. These computers are updated every 4 years as their warranties expire. Each teacher is provided with a personal printer as well as access to networked printers at each site.

Computer and Internet Use Agreements

Information Technology requires an Internet and computer use agreement be signed by students, their parents and employees. It reminds everyone the importance of prudent Internet use.

Employee Email
Access Instructions

1. Go to the Internet Browser of your choice. Type in the address bar:

2. Go ahead and enter your Union email in the first text box. Example:
After entering your email, you will be redirected to the sign in page for the Union server.

3. Proceed and enter your password in the second available text box. The next screen will show you options for mail, calendar, people, and so on. Go ahead and select mail to view your school email.

4.  The first time that you click on mail, the screen will prompt you to pick your time zone.  After choosing the correct time zone, please click on save.

You have the ability to create documents in the applications: Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online. Upon saving the document, you will be able to access it from your OneDrive online or to an alternative location of your choice.

Tips For Employees



IT Solution Center
Report IT Issues


Todd Borland
Executive Director of
Information Technology


Gart Morris
Executive Director of
Instructional Technology

Privacy on the Internet

Union Public Schools assumes responsibility for the information provided on only. Though links provided through this site are monitored, Union Public Schools cannot assume responsibility for content on those sites, as information changes rapidly.

Union Public Schools encourages all parents and guardians to take seriously the responsibility of safeguarding children's privacy and safety when using the Internet.

To learn more about protecting your family, visit the Safe Kids website.