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SCOIR: College Planning System


Union High School uses a college planning system called SCOIR to help students and families navigate the college selection and application process. This intuitive, user-friendly platform allows students to discover colleges that match their personal as well as academic interests, explore personal strengths and career interests, and manage their college application materials including transcripts and letters of recommendation. 


See video overview of SCOIR.

In order to gain access to their SCOIR account, students should check their Union school email for an invitation to SCOIR. If they do not have an invitation or the link does not work, students should reach out to their College/Career Advisor for SCOIR access.

Once an account is established, students/parents can log in online at or through the SCOIR mobile app (available for both Apple and Android in your app store). Students can find more resources and how-to guides in the CCC course on Canvas, or on SCOIR.


Through their SCOIR student account, students can send parents/guardians an email invitation to link to their account. As a parent or guardian, you will be able to view their profiles, see their college list, conduct your own college searches, and suggest colleges for your student to consider. SCOIR also provides parents with financial tools so that you can get a better sense of the cost of attendance at various colleges during the selection process.

See brief overview of SCOIR for parents.