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Fine Arts

Welcome to Union Fine Arts!

Union Public Schools has one of the truly outstanding fine arts programs in the nation. A talented and dedicated staff, strong parental and community support, as well as the support of the administration and school board, have provided our students with a wide variety of opportunities to explore and develop their talents.

Exceptional Facilities, Staff & Students!

Union's exceptional facilities, including the 2,000-seat Union Performing Arts Center and the Union Multipurpose Activity Center as well as two black-box studio theaters, give students outstanding venues in which to perform. The fine arts wing at the 6th/7th Grade Center has also been expanded to accommodate a greater interest in music and choir. The 8th Grade Center also has expended its Fine Arts facilities. 


Fine Arts Programs

Fine Arts covers a myriad of disciplines including ceramics, drawing and painting, photography, choir, music, speech and debate to flag corps.

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Fine Arts Department 
Union Multipurpose Activity Center (second floor)
6836 S. Mingo
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133-3247

Phone: 918-357-7414
Fax: 918-357-7498

Matthew McCready

Dr. Matthew McCready
Director of Fine Arts  


Charles Pisarra
Director of Union Bands 

Fine Arts In Photos

music practice at the Union Freshman Academy
Union drummer plays
Freshman art teacher watch student at work
Union girl at the electronic boards at the Performing Arts Center
Union Renegade Regiment stand during an early morning practice
2 Union color guard members throw their rifles into the air
Image of a xylophone player reflected onto the same instrument while playing
Actor sings a number for musical %22Anastasia%22
3-year-old students works on art as teacher watches
High School video students wait for Commencement to start
Kids rehears a song on stage at the Union Performing Arts Center
Color guard performs with flags
Drama teacher Ericka McGhee and tech director Steve Spatz
8th graders rest their chins on tubas while seated in the bleachers
Union 8th graders play violins
Union students rehearse a dance on stage at the Union PAC
Union student plays the xylophone
2 8th graders with their cellos
8th Grade choir seated in the bleachers
5 Union orchestra students with their teacher, Paula Surface
Reflection on drum shows Union drum corp playing
Union drum corps plays in front of the UMAC
Union students play wind instruments on stage
Union students, including one in wheelchair, play string instruments on stage
Union student perform a song during a musical
Highsteppers perform during a kick-off show
2 actors perform in a scene from the Union musical %22Anastasia%22
3 Jefferson students dance during a talent show
Union students play cellos during a concert
Behind the stage at a 6th Grade concert, featuring the choir and orchestra
6th Grade choir sings on stage at the Union Performing Arts Center
6th Grade choir sings on stage at the Union Performing Arts Center
Middle school students play cellos
Jefferson students dance on stage during a talent show
Union high school drum corps plays the drums
Band performs from the bleachers at the UMAC
2 High School debate students in front of their information booth
Moore Pre-K kids in cowboy hats sing on stage
Hispanic girl performs a traditional Mexican dance at the Guthrie Green
Ballerina dances ion stage in front of her school
View of the YouthArts! visual show at the UMAC
Freshmen drama students in class with their teacher
2 Union art teachers prepare student art for the YouthArts! exhiibit
Color Guard throws rifles into the air in front of the Freshman Academy